Who we are

“I’m in butchery since I was 14, heir of a passion for this job and, mostly, for the old fashioned way this job was made. Today, this legacy from my grandfather lives in my daily work: that’s ehy, since 1986, in my butcher shop, you can only find high quality meat, from cattle bred in local farms (15 km max from Bra). Here, the cattle eats exclusively forage and corn, growing up in healthy environments. We’re talking about Piedmont cattle (Fassone), followed by our very professional vets. The purchase is done exactly as 200 years ago, directly in the cattle sheds and after a long negotiation in liras, then exchanged in Euros.”

“All the butchery work happens by the slaughterhouse of Bra, held by the Butcheries Consortium of the Bra Sausage (Consorzio Macellai Braidesi - Consorzio Salciccia di Bra), of which I’m part of.
My job belongs in an historical tradition and I’m helped every day by my family. Our products show the passion we have in working every single piese of the animal, providing our clients only the best products, including the famous Bra Sausage.”

Domenico Scaglia